Memories Matter

Life is so busy with work, the daily commute, and a myriad of other tasks before you know it precious moments have come and gone. We are dedicated to not letting these moments slip away into the forgotten past. Whether it is a website that commemorates a special occasion such as a wedding or graduation or a gift for grand-dad, we want to be your source to keep the joy of family alive. We offer website development and hosting. If you aren’t technically inclined to build your website, we can do it all for you. Our $329 package includes your domain name, Website creation and installation and hosting for 12 months. You would be responsible for providing any pictures, videos or other information you wanted to include. Your finished site would be password protected only accessible to those you choose or viewable by anyone. Social media is great but why not make important moments more personal. Additionally, with your own website, you can create your very own social media platform that is yours forever.